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March 28, 2016

Announcement: BeatTips Sales Drive and the BeatTips Music Series

New BeatTips backed music series poised to help beatmakers advance their careers in music; to be funded by sales of The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling.


Dear BeatTips Community,

Today kicks off a week-long sales drive of The BeatTips Manual and The Art of Sampling. For more than 10 years, The BeatTips Manual has been a beacon of music, business, and cultural knowledge, and it has helped countless people in their pursuit of more skillful beatmaking and a career in music. This has earned The BeatTips Manual a reputation for being the most trusted name in beatmaking. And none of this could not have been achieved without you, the BeatTips community.

As an independent publisher, I’m entirely self-funded and I rely solely on the good name that BeatTips has earned in the market place (as well as pivotal relationships that I've developed) for all promotion. ‘The BeatTips Manual’ sells well consistently each year, and I have always sought to re-invest the bulk of sales revenue back into BeatTips. Specifically, I have looked for ways to help members of the BeatTips Community advance their music careers. In the past, this has meant direct gear and recording grants. Now, I’ve created the BeatTips Music Series, a series of music projects that will be produced exclusively by members of the BeatTips Community. Over the next 12 months, I will assemble at least two BeatTips Music Series projects; and I will leverage the BeatTips brand, my good-faith name, and key relationships that I've developed with music insiders and popular online music publications to promote these projects. To be eligible for inclusion in any upcoming BeatTips Music Series project, you must have purchased either The BeatTips Manual or The Art of Sampling prior to your beat submission.

At this moment, I'm also in negotiations over my new book deal. In my current deal, their are clauses that grant me marketing resources and bonuses if I hit specific sales bench marks directly from BeatTips.com. As it stands now, I need to sell 500 more copies of The BeatTips Manual or The Art of Sampling (any format) this week to reach my goal. Therefore, I'm asking for your help. If you're a regular BeatTips reader and you have not yet bought The BeatTips Manual or The Art of Sampling please do so now. If you've bought The BeatTips Manual before, please consider buying The Art of Sampling; and if you've bought The Art of Sampling before, please consider buying The BeatTips Manual. If you've bought both books before, please consider one or both again as a gift for someone else.

To achieve my goal of establishing the BeatTips Music Series as a viable pathway to a career in music for beatmakers/producers everywhere, and to expand my book deal to allow me to better facilitate this goal, please help me out with your support today.

Best Regards,


The BeatTips Manual by Amir Said (Sa'id).
"The most trusted name in beatmaking."

Dedicated to exploring the art of beatmaking in all of its glory.

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