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October 31, 2010

Audible Treats Puts On Solid CMJ Showcase: Review

Three Boom Bap Sets Well-Worth the Time


The 2nd annual Audbile Treats CMJ Showcase took place almost a couple of weeks ago, here in New York City at Sullivan Hall. The line-up included Black Sheep, Rah Digga The Niceguys, Big Pooh & Hall of Justice, Chip Fu, The Left, Davinci, Von Pea, Moe Green, Nottz, and Diamond District. Unfortunately, I arrived late, so I was only able to catch the sets of Diamond District, Nottz, and Rah Digga. Even still, what I did catch was entertaining and worth the trip.

For me, the clear winner of the modified show that I saw was Diamond District. Their set was electric and forceful. The two songs (sorry don't know the titles) that I saw them performed were both deeply soulful. And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention how comfortable Oddisee appeared on stage. He pretty much represented as the front man, which was particularly impressive, given the fact that he's the beatmaker (producer) of the outfit.

Nottz's set was solid. He warmed the crowd up by playing songs from his production catalog, no doubt a smart move, considering the fact that Nottz is primarily known as beatmaker (producer). After running through several well-known songs of his catalog, Nottz broke into a performance of a couple cuts from his new album, You Need This Music. First, he rocked "Blast That," then he followed that up with the Colin Monroe produced "Dontcha Wanna Be (My Neighbor)" feat. Asher Roth. Roth hung on the stage for one more song, afterwords, Nottz launched into "Shine So Bright," and the energy in Sullivan Hall roared back up again. Having gotten the crowd presumably where he wanted them, Nottz moved into a dope performance of "Cars." It was at this moment that Rah Digga first came out, rippin' up the "Cars" beat with an ill rhyme. Unfortunately, this marked the end of Nottz's set. I was hoping to hear a couple more joints off the new album, but it was clear that it was time for Rah Digga to get her shine.

Demonstrating every bit of the show veteran that she is, Rah Digga engaged in conversation in between delivering performances of her new album, "Classic." The stand out of Rah Digga's set was her live take on "Good Music." Indeed, the crowd responded well as Digga weaved through the verses.

Collectively, Diamond District, Nottz, and Rah Digga made the Audible Treats showcase a success. The venue allowed for a level of "up-closeness" not always afforded at other spots around NYC, which was a plus. And the atmosphere was made up of true hip hop/rap fans. So even though I wasn't able to catch the full line-up (still upset I missed some of the earlier acts), I went away thinking that Audible Treats put on a good showcase. I also remember thinking that it was a good night for boom bap.

October 15, 2010

Audible Treats Puts On Solid CMJ Showcase

Nationwide Boom Bap Floods New York City For 2010 CMJs

By Amir Said (Sa'id)

The CMJ (College Music Journal) music festival will get a heavy dose of quality boom bap next week, when Audible Treats serves up their second annual showcase. Events like these truly testify to the draw and power of hip hop/rap music on the college music circuit. And Audible Treats shrewdly takes it one step further this year by prominently featuring the "beatmaker/MC".

Indeed, headliners of the Audbile Treats CMJ Showcase, which kicks off next Thursday, 10/21, include trunk-funk master Nottz, and the man behind the beats of Tanya Morgan, Von Pea. Throw in Diamond District—Oddisee's home team—and you have three of today's most engaging beatmaker/MCs taking center stage in what is sure to be one of the most talked about shows of this year's CMJs. Shouts to Audible Treats for putting together such a solid line-up.

Other artists slated to perform at the Audible Treats CMJ Showcase include:
Black Sheep, Rah Digga (dope new album produced by Nottz), The Niceguys, Big Pooh & Hall of Justice, Chip Fu, The Left, Davinci, and Moe Green.
Audible Treats CMJ Showcase, Thursday, 10/21/10 - Sullivan Hall, NYC

Editor's note: Since this show is taking place in New York City, expect a big number of surprise guest performances.

For tickets and more information about the Audible Treats CMJ Showcase, visit:
Audible Treats

June 25, 2010

BeatTips Pick of the Week: DJ Premier, Just Blaze, and the Alchemist Rock Paris

Three of Beatmaking's Most Revered Names Play to Enthusiastic Paris Crowd

By Amir Said (Sa'id)

This past March, beatmaking giants DJ Premier, Just Blaze, and the Alchemist got together to serve Paris, France with a show like no other I've ever attended. In front of an absolutely beaming and energetic crowd, each beatmaker (rocked) the stage, trading many of their most recognizable bangers. The video drop in this post includes great footage of these beatmasters as they drive the audience into a frenzy. And aside from seeing these vets receive the honor and applause they so well deserve, it is the fans themselves at this event that bring me the greatest joy from this video.

For sometime now, I've been kind of discouraged about going to hip hop/rap shows. It's not that there isn't any quality hip hop/rap acts worth seeing—there are—, it's just that personally I've found that over the past couple of years or so something seems to be missing from the shows. I didn't know what that was into I saw this video. It's the sheer love and admiration for the art form, the beatmaking craft, and the acclaimed beatmakers (producers) who contribute to hip hop culture and the hip hop/rap music tradition.

Side note: This past week, I passed up the chance to go check out Talib Kweli and Jean Grae live at Brooklyn Bowl. I've been told by a number of people that Talib and Jean's performances were fantastic (apparently Jean Grae even brought out her mom to sing, and she brought the house down). So yeah, I essentially missed perhaps a great show, simply because I wrongly assumed that something would be "missing" from the event. And although I can't speak on the feeling of that show, I know very well that what I've been looking for in a show was certainly present at the Paris venue that DJ Premier, Just Blaze, and the Alchemist rocked...power to the beatmakers. Right on!

For educational purposes...

DJ Premier & Nick Javas, Just Blaze & The Alchemist @ Paris, France

The BeatTips Manual by Sa'id.
"The most trusted source for information on beatmaking and hip hop/rap music education."

December 23, 2009

One Stop Shop Producer Conference Set for Vegas

Report by Sa'id (Amir Said)

The 4th Annual One Stop Shop Producer Conference (OSSPC) has been announced for 2010, and it appears that this time around team Sha Money XL believes that OSSPC (the most respected of all the producer-/beatmaker-themed music conferences) will benefit from a change of scenery. Indeed, 2010's conference is set to be held in Las Vegas, NV rather than Phoenix, AZ, the city which has hosted the OSSPC since its inception. I suspect the low hotel rates and the buzz of Vegas was just too much to ignore for OSSPC planners. Moreover, I think that they recognize (wisely) that a host city like Vegas has the potential to double (if not triple) their average attendance.

2010's OSSPC will tout an awards ceremony as well as expanded panel discussions and, of course, OSSPC'S famed beat battle. Furthermore, of all of the producer-/beatmaker-themed music conferences, OSSPC consistently attracts the largest number of critically acclaimed beatmakers (producers). Hence, I expect OSSPC Vegas to have the largest number of well-known beatmakers (producers) ever assembled under the same roof all at the same time. Finally, there's no word on how much registration will cost for 2010's OSSPC, but based on previous OSSPCs, expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $250-$350. No confirmed date has been officially released, but if you intend on attending, consider the fact that previous OSSPC events have been held sometime between March and May.

For more information on One Stop Shop Producer Conference—Vegas, go to: www.DreamBigVentures.net

November 19, 2009

9th Wonder to Salute Legendary Beatmakers, DJ Premier and Pete Rock

Every time I hear 9th Wonder's name, I can't help but think about how kind and generous he was to me. When I went to North Carolina last spring to interview 9th, he greeted me with the utmost respect, and afforded me the time, cooperation, and understanding necessary to generate a magnificent interview for The BeatTips Manual, 5th Edition. Moreover, while I was there, he invited me to a couple of his True School events, a roller skate rink party for which he DJ'd, and a special screening of Spike Lee's classic film School Daze. Both the party and the screening (and subsequent discussion held afterword) helped further strengthen my commitment to my work in the field hip hop/rap studies. These events also deepened my appreciation for the tireless efforts that 9th Wonder is making in the same broad educational discipline.

Hence, 9th Wonder's upcoming salute to legendary beatmakers, DJ Premier and Pete Rock, is nothing short of the sort of thing that I've come to expect from him. DJ Premier and Pete Rock have both seen their fare share of acknowledgments. However, I am certain that with 9th Wonder behind this event, there will be a strong educational context. And since hip hop education is one of my areas of focus, I will certainly be making my way down to North Carolina to experience this well-warranted salute to two of beatmaking's most pivotal pioneers.

Dedicated to exploring the art of beatmaking in all of its glory.

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